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Our planet today confronts infinite possibility on the one hand and paradoxically, instantaneous annihilation on the other. The leaders of tomorrow will need much greater capabilities of understanding, awareness and perception to lead effectively. The familiar knowledge based problem solving approaches will no longer work. The old notions of leadership will need to be transformed.

The Institute of Transformational coaching was born with this single idea in mind. How do we enable leaders to transform themselves and lead in this world of accelerating complexity and ambiguity? How do we help them co-hold paradoxes without losing anchorage? How do we move them from an ego-systemic view to a eco-systemic view.

And this requires deep transformation at all levels.

Transformation, in its essence means ‘going beyond form’ and it embodies the spirit of this institution. We believe that transformation is not a future event but a present activity. Our mission is to enable deep, honest and profoundly authentic human encounters that can enable individuals, teams and systems to awaken to their truest potential.

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