Institute of Transformational Coaching LLC

Executive Coaching

  • What is Executive Coaching?

    Generative conversations are the cornerstone of change and transformation. They shape our life, our relationships and the way we engage with the world. Read More..

  • What are the areas of our expertise?

    Transition coaching:

    Leaders often have to navigate through deep psychological transitions such as moving to different culture and country, moving from a line to a staff role or being promoted and having to manage peers. Read More..

    Behavioral Coaching:

    'What you here won't get you there' is a fairly clichéd phrase but drives home the point that, what brought success to the executives to reach a certain level will not support them in getting to the next. Read More..

  • What is our process?

    The coaching process unfolds over a period of 6 - 9 months and typically goes through 3 phases:

    Phase – I:

    The first part of the process is a meeting between the coachee and the coach to ascertain whether both of them have the right ‘chemistry’ to begin this process. Read More..

    Phase – II:

    This phase involves coaching sessions every month for 60 to 90 Minutes which are intended to help the coachee move in the planned direction and work through additional challenges that might arise during the process. Read More..

    Phase – III:

    This phase is the final assessment and closure of the coaching engagement.

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