Institute of Transformational Coaching LLC

Organizational Development Consulting

We use a well defined methodology to assess the organization and leadership maturity to enable the leadership team to craft an organization development strategy that delivers the desired performance. Among the areas we assess are Organizational design, Management practices, Succession management, Employee engagement, Leadership maturity and Culture.

Specific areas we can provide advisory and consulting services include:

  • Leadership development strategy

    We can help you design the entire lifecycle of leadership from hiring the right leaders, defining the right leadership competencies and growing and developing high potential leaders.

  • Leadership learning content and design

    We can also help you in the design and delivery of leadership and management development content. You can either chose from a list of programs we already deliver or chose to customize it for your organization.

  • Value discovery and cascade

    For organizations which are in the early stage of growth, it is imperative to define and cascade the organizational values to enable the right culture and growth for the organization. Our value discovery process brings in ‘all stakeholder voices’ to assimilate, interpret and then articulate the values of the organization. This is followed by defining and institutionalizing the member behaviors that resonate with the values.

  • Cultural Assimilation

    Most mergers and acquisitions fail, not because their products don't have synergies, but because their cultures collide. If your organization is going through a merger or an acquisition, our experts can help you define the ways to create a road map leading to cultural asimilation and coherence.

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